About Us

Glitzby has designed and hand-crafted baby keepsake blocks and personalized gifts since 2016. After owner and founder, Elliot Johnson, and his wife experienced five miscarriages, his wife’s sister carried their child for them. By the grace of God, their daughter was born, and Elliot and his wife were gifted a baby block to celebrate their miracle. Elliot wanted to share that same love and joy with other new parents, and five years later, Glitzby is more committed than ever to providing new parents customized ornaments and announcements.

Every Glitzby box is personalized and made from birchwood. Designs are unique and varied for every customer, so you can celebrate the special moments in life for years to come. Order multiple birchwood boxes to share in the love with friends and family. You can also talk with our team about special announcements for births, baptisms, and more when you shop with us.

We are a Christian-faith, family-owned company so you can count on us to truly capture all the love there is to share in the world with one of our boxes. Glitzby designs something unique and special for every customer because we want to share that same joy Elliot and his wife felt when their daughter was born. Browse our baby keepsake blocks and personalized gifts and shop with Glitzby today!


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